We have more than 45 years of experience in the transportation market


Best Mexican companies ( Gold Recognition ): MEM is the recognition given to private  Mexican companies for their high performance in business management.

Best Mexican companies ( Gold Recognition )  In December of 2016 the organization recognized the GOLD COMPANIES who are the ones that for more than three consecutive years have achieved this recognition.  TRANSPORTADORA  EGOBA is the only transport company that has been awarded for four consecutive years ( 2012-2016 )  Recognition is also a platform to expose and promote business best practices with the support of Banco Nacional de Mexico, Deloitte, and Tecnologico de Monterrey.  This initiative conceived by Deloitte was first introduced in Mexico in 2010  form the experience they got form other countries such as Canada, Ireland and Netherlands.

EGOBA has been chosen several years as one of the 50 most innovative companies for the technological projects that have favorably transformed its processes.

In 2016 we obtained this recognition for the project EGOBA MOBILE SERVICES ( APP Repor-TE ) a technical development by our IT department that allows us to exclusively offer in Mexico, a real time link with voice and data between drivers and our operation department,

COMPANIES OF 10… INFONAVIT: Recognition of COMPANIES 10 is an award given by INFONAVIT to companies that meet their employer obligations.

It is a program that recognizes and benefits companies that comply on time and on an ongoing basis with payments of their employer contributions and amortizations and which ,moreover have no existing debt with INFONAVIT which makes it clear the serious commitment the company has to its employees. The Queretaro delegate to INFONAVIT made it clear pointing out that payments made by companies made it possible for workers to obtain a credit line and be able to buy and affordable new home for their families. Companies that comply with their obligations gives their employees access to the INFONAVI PROGRAM which consists fo of going to employees work center to get the correct information advice and procedure on credit issues and tax collection.

TRANSPORTADORA  EGOBA IS ALREADY PART OF THE TOP 100 Super Companies by Top Companies and will be published in Expansion Magazine.

In 2020 we became part of the worlds leading firm in the diagnosis and strengthening of Organizational Culture ( TOP COMPANIES ) That is why we  want to improve the work environment so that a strong culture prevails where collaboration, efficiency and productivity enriches us all of us who are part of transportadora Egoba.

KENMEX ( Kenworth de Mexico ) recognizes Transportadora Egoba for its 45 years of innovation and the high commitment to its customers.

TRAXION recognizes Egoba for its result of excellent work in the implementation, level of response and quality of the first NPS exercise.

DANA INCORPORATED recognizes TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA for its efficiency through their vision and innovation.

GRUPO VITRO recognizes TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA for having obatained the category of reliable supplier during the 1998 cycle.

WARNER LAMBERT recognizes TRANSPORTQADORA EGOBA for being a distinguished supplier.

Shneider National of Mexico recognizes TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA for her brilliant track record in the transportation industry.

1998 the state of QUERETARO awarded TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA with the QUALITY AWARD.

1998 the state of QUERETARO awarded TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA with the QUALITY AWARD through the Secretary of Sustainable Development for her participation in the 2007 Queretaro export award.

SAMINA MEXCIO recognizes TRANSPORTADORA EGOBA as the best logistics provider in 2016.

That year during the Quarterly Business Review our customer SAMINA recognized us for having obtained a rating of 4.9 out of 5 without any impact on 984 services provided during the period  from October 2015 to June 2016.  SAMINA is part of a leading technological group out of the western part of Mexico ( Guadalajara ).